This Aero Vac container allows you aerate your Ice-cream, Whipped ganache, Chocolates and many other airy recipes in sweet and savory.

The container works only with the use of a vacuum machine and vacuum bag.

The Aero Vac allows you to blow up your recipes till your recipe is fully aerated, the container locks itselfs the moment the vacuum machine sucks out the air.

After you can place the AeroVac container in the freezer, fridge or simply on room temperature, to have a structure and eating experience like nothing you tried before.

We recommend you to purchase a few AeroVac's so you can produce more volume.

The container works only with the use of a professional vacuum machine.





How does it works.

Place the product in the lower (white) bowl. Then place the other (transparent) shell part on top and put the whole thing in a standard vacuum bag (40x25 cm). Vacuum the bag with the Aero Vac in your vacuum machine. The vacuum sealer must be of the chamber vacuum sealer type with a chamber of at least 50x30x10 cm. Most vacuuming machines draw a vacuum of at least 99.8%

In a number of cases it is useful to place a smaller container in the lower part of the bowl, to keep you container clean.

Too use with professional vacuum machine only.

Minimum temperature -40'C

Maximum temperature 80'C

Length: 284 mm

Height: 90 mm

Width: 200 mm