"So Good" is a biannual publication in english aimed at professionals of sweet and savory pastry, the chocolate and ice cream industry, as well as the world of dessert in general.

Browsing through the pages of an issue of so good .. magazine means immersing yourself in the story behind a beautiful photo. The ideas, the concept, and the techniques that have crystallized in that image that fascinates us all. It is possible thanks to a team of journalists and territorial delegates who spend their time searching and selecting those stories. Each new issue of the magazine is an invitation to explore unknown and fascinating paths related to modern pastry. And issue number 26 is no exception.

304 pages. Contents

  • Dinara Kasko, Riding the waves.
  • Jérémy del Val, Breathing in a new aroma.
  • Saray Ruiz, Upside down, inside out.
  • Zhou Xiaohu, Saint Honoré tree.
  • Rasmus Munk, Stirring up the diner.
  • Christophe Adam, The genie grows.
  • Nina Métayer, Unstoppable progression.
  • Gonzo Jiménez, ‘Miette et Chocolat’ where magic happens.
  • Zhou Xiaohu, Devil is in the details.
  • Jan Proot, Renewing to remain at the top.
  • Jiho Kim, Embracing change.
  • Roberto Cortez, Floral sensitivity.
  • Matthieu Atzenhoffer, Competing to learn.
  • Vicky Lau & Nocar Lo, The charm of finding balance.
  • Miko Aspiras, Smoked, fermented and coagulated.
  • Alexandre Fink, Natural scenes.
  • Szilárd Tóth & Csenge Dusha, A trip to the heart of Hungary.
  • Luciano García, Connected with the land.
  • Andrey Dubovik & Ronya Belova, Crowned with laurel.
  • Frank Haasnoot, Fruit is beautiful.
  • Melissa Coppel, Sensory journey.
  • Kirsten Tibballs, Sweet & savory.
  • Emmanuel Ryon, Homage.
  • Tidbits:
  • Jordi Farrés, Dream of a heady chocolate.
  • Files by Ramon Morató, Much more than a pastry book.