So good # 21 travels around the world using a common language, that of modern patisserie, but with dozens of particular expressions. This is how the Japanese chef Jiro Tanaka meets with Juan Contreras from the Atelier Crenn or with Attila Meinhart in Budapest. Each with spectacular creations, but also with a back story which is essential to capture the full picture. Stories and techniques that allow progress, as is the case of Richard Hawke in the use of alternative ingredients, Jose Romero and his treatise on panettone, or Ramon Morató and Anne Cazor, who carried out a brief investigation that opens new possibilities in the development of ganaches.The mini format is the absolute star of the proposals reclaimed by Xavi Donnay from the three-starred restaurant Lasarte in Barcelona. Also from the same city is Essence, the latest from Jordi Butrón and Xano Saguer in their effort to make a restaurant dessert philosophy which is more culinary, less sweet, and better understood. The feat of the five new MOF pàtissier, the spectacular school run by Wang Sen in Shanghai, the action-packed portraits of Jerome Flayosc, the gourmand character of Anne Bolz’s desserts, and reclaiming indigenous ingredients by the Filipino chef Miko Aspiras, complete the variety of proposals of 2019’s first release of so good .. magazine.

304 pages. Contents


  • Kirsten Tibballs, Happy birthday, so good.
  • Jiro Tanaka, Chocolate Japanesque.
  • Johan Martin, Slow viennoiserie.
  • Yann Couvreur, Exactly what it looks like.
  • Frank Haasnoot, The living pastry.
  • Davide Comaschi, Double success.
  • Alexis Bouillet, The piping bag and the spatula.
  • JJuan Contreras, A long journey to the sweet side.
  • Nicolas Belorgey, Books full of nostalgia.
  • Attila Meinhart, A culinary touch.
  • Xavi Donnay, Mini priority.
  • Richard Hawke, A dialogue with the ingredients.
  • Pascal de Deyne, Nature in mouth.
  • Essence, by Espaisucre, High school desserts.
  • Miko Aspiras, Stories from the Philippines.
  • Jose Romero, The Panettone inside and out.
  • Anna Bolz, Hitting all the right notes.
  • Tidbits:
  • Ramon Morató & Anne Cazor, A new look at chocolate ganache.
  • MOF 2018, Five of a kind.
  • Wang sen The western style agitator in China.


    Jerome Flayosc, The recipe of a chef’s portrait